Current Exhibit

Including fine art photography from the Cold Lava, Surf and Turf, and Piers Series

Among other award winning photographs 

White Rabbit Fine Art Gallery

Exhibiting through September 2018

5 South Maine St 

Travelers Rest, SC

Guest Artist Reception

August 17, 2018

6-8 pm

Exhibits, Photonarratives, Publications

Photography by CoCo Harris

Lanai Beach Surf

Photography by CoCo Harris in The Ravens Perch

Between Building photoessay in Gravel Magazine by CoCo Harris

Between Buildings

Photoessay in Gravel Magazine

Cold Lava by CoCo Harris on

Cold Lava

Esthetic Apostle 

Kalapana Sea Cliffs Big Island, Hawai'i 

The legendary Hawaiian fire goddess Pele spews hot magma from Mother Earth's core, 

and thousands of years before the sea beats it into black sand beaches, its cold lava.

We Pledge Allegiance Photoessay

We Pledge Allegiance by CoCo Harris

A Meditation on the Devotion to our Stars and Stripes

Stoneboat Literary Journal 

Beyond Red and Blue, 

Voices of America Special Issue (Volume 7, Issue 2: Spring 2017)

We Pledge Allegiance by CoCo Harris
We Pledge Allegiance by CoCo Harris